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We understand your need to efficiently search, download and manage patents in a cost-effective manner. Designed by a U.S. Patent Attorney (Michael Neustel), PatentHunter® International is a powerful software program that easily downloads patents into a convenient PDF file format that can be easily accessed at anytime.  Users of PatentHunter can search and download complete U.S. patents, U.S. published applications, PCT international applications and foreign patent documents available at the EPO.

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"PatentHunter is an invaluable tool and I really don't know what I would do without it - rather like the shower and the coffee maker. I have been a professional software developer for about thirty years now and I have written software for daily use in oil refineries, nuclear power plants, aircraft carriers and submarines but I can honestly say that I have never written software as simple to use and as elegant as PatentHunter. While I use the program infrequently, it remains in my top ten most useful pieces of software right next to my copy of Word and AutoCAD. Thank you to you and your company for a fine job." - Derek Owen

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